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Program Vision

The mining industry is confronting a skills shortage due to the retirement of many experienced people. To meet these challenges, the mining industry will need a highly skilled, experienced, and adaptable workforce.

Through its partnership with leading industry professionals and academic partners within the mining industry, the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto is offering online professional development courses identified as being essential to professionals in the field.

The delivery of these courses is designed to be fully online and asynchronous so that you can learn flexibly while you work at your busy full-time job.
Exploration, Studies, Resources & Reserves

This course focuses on mineral exploration, studies, and understanding mineral resources and reserves. This course will give you a solid foundation in geological concepts, exploration techniques, and methods for evaluating mineral deposits. This knowledge will enable you to identify potential mineral deposit opportunities and make informed resource estimation and development decisions.

Economics & Finance

In the mining industry, understanding the economic and financial aspects is crucial. This course covers mining economics and finance topics, equipping you with the skills needed to analyze project viability, assess financial risks, and develop effective mining investment strategies. By mastering these concepts, you’ll enhance your ability to contribute to profitable mining operations and strategic decision-making.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Responsible mining practices have become integral to the mining industry. This course focuses on environmental impacts, social responsibility, and governance in mining operations. By exploring topics such as environmental regulations, community engagement, and ethical considerations, you’ll gain insights into minimizing environmental footprints and fostering positive social impacts in your mining endeavors.

Construction & Development

This course covers construction and development in the mining industry. You’ll learn about the various stages of mine development, including project planning, design, and construction management. This knowledge will enable you to effectively oversee the implementation of mining projects, ensuring they are executed safely, efficiently, and within budget.

Mine Operations

Here, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day activities involved in running a successful mining operation. Topics covered include mine planning, production optimization, equipment selection, and safety protocols. By honing your skills in mine operations, you’ll become a valuable asset to any mining company, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Message from the Program Director

Kamran EsmaeiliCrop2
Professor Kamran Esmaeili Program Director
Dr. Esmaeili is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering – Lassonde Institute of Mining. For more information visit “Mine Modeling & Analytics Research Lab".
The global transition to a green energy economy will make huge demands on natural resources (nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper, lithium, etc.). As the mining industry strives to fulfill this demand and achieve sustainable growth and productivity over the long term, it faces a variety of technical challenges and will require highly trained, experienced, and adaptable workforce to meet these challenges. But at this critical time, the industry is losing essential professional skills to retirement.

Our recent global survey identified learning needs and educational gaps among working mining professionals. But many of these young professionals are unable to pursue further education because they are busy with their careers and often work in remote locations. Distance and time constraints prevent them from physically attending class-based courses.

This situation has guided us to establish an online professional development program. We have teamed up with experienced industry professionals and academic partners within the mining industry to develop the Mining Industry Management Program (MIMP). The MIMP program will offer advanced-level online courses in the areas of exploration, studies, MRMR, ESG, capital development, operations, economics, and finance.

The overarching goal of this program is to provide real-world scenarios and provide opportunities to practice problem-solving, taught by widely experienced top industry professionals, and focusing on the challenges experienced at the operations and corporate levels.

Each course has been divided into different modules, each with one or multiple instructors. The course materials are presented in different modalities to make them more engaging and understandable. Additionally, live online Q&A sessions with the course instructors will be part of the program.

This is a unique initiative that will globally train the next generation of leaders in the industry so they can address critical challenges of the industry.

Our Team

Shahzeb Ahmad Program Coordinator
Shahzeb is the Program Coordinator and Graduate Course Developer for University of Toronto's MIMP program.