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Masters' of Engineering (MEng)

Courses taken may be applied towards a graduate degree program at the University of Toronto. Must apply for and be accepted to a UofT graduate program or as a non-degree student
Varied (Pricing varies based on tuition)
  • 12 weeks to complete each course
  • MIMP courses available online
  • For credit towards Masters' of Engineering (MEng)
  • Must be a current U of T student (grad or non-degree)

Professional Development

This pathway is ideal for busy, working professionals looking to advance their career in the mining industry. Courses are fully online and self-paced! (Current U of T students not eligible to take this pathway)
$ 1356 Per Course (CAD)
  • External applicants welcome!
  • Fully online & self paced!
  • 10-month program
  • U of T letter of completion
  • Not for credit