Exploration, Studies, Resources & Reserves

Exploration, Studies, Resources & Reserves

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About Course

Course Description:

This course aims to provide the participants with a management perspective of the mineral industry, exposing them to strategies, concepts, issues, and solutions that will enable them to become mineral industry leaders. The course will introduce the best practices and practical challenges in mineral exploration, resource and reserve estimation and mineral exploration project valuations. The unique aspect of this course is that the presenters are practicing industry professionals, each of whom is an expert in their field. The result is that each module offers a uniquely practical viewpoint on its topic.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • ✔ Differentiate the different stages of a mine life cycle from exploration to closure, and the industry structure where this takes place.
  • ✔ Be familiar with the basics of exploration, deposit deliniation, and Mineral Resource determination.
  • ✔ Understand the definitions of Resources and Reserves and be able to differentiate between them.
  • ✔ Have a working knowledge of the concept of cut-off grade and its application to MRMR
  • ✔ Appreciate the importance of disclosure and responsibilities of reporting, including materiality, competence, and transparency

Course Modules:

1.1 Mine Life Cycle

1.2 Studies and Reports

1.3 Cost Estimation

2.0 Mineral Waste & Closure

3.0 Industry Structure & Financing

4.1 Exploration Strategies

4.2 Exploration Methods

4.3 Deposit Delineation

4.4 Additional Topics

5.0 MRMR Definitions

6.1 Mineral Resource Estimation I

6.2 Mineral Resource Estimation II

7.0 Mineral Reserve Estimation

8.0 Disclosure Frameworks

9.0 Valuing Exploration Properties

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