Take an Online Mining Course This Fall – University of Toronto

Take an Online Mining Course This Fall – University of Toronto

Take an Online Mining Course This Fall – Exploration, Studies, Resources & Reserves

The University of Toronto is excited to introduce the Mining Industry Management Programs’ latest offering: a fully-online, professional development mining course called Exploration, Studies, Resources & Reserves this fall!

This course will have eight experts from the mining industry as instructors! You’ll benefit from the collective experience of these accomplished professionals, gaining a well-rounded understanding of exploration techniques, advanced studies and reporting, and the evaluation of mineral resources and reserves.

Each instructor will cover a different module in this course:

  • 1.1 Mine Life Cycle – Lawrence Devon Smith
  • 1.2 Studies and Reports – Lawrence Devon Smith
  • 1.3 Cost Estimation – Lawrence Devon Smith
  • 2.0 Industry Structure & Financing – Jessie Liu-Ernsting
  • 4.1 Exploration Strategies – Reno Pressacco
  • 4.2 Exploration Methods – Reno Pressacco
  • 4.3 Deposit Delineation – Reno Pressacco
  • 4.4 Additional Topics – Lawrence Devon Smith
  • 5.0 MRMR Definitions – Deborah McCombe
  • 6.1 Mineral Resource Estimation I – Aaron McMahon
  • 6.2 Mineral Resource Estimation II – Aaron McMahon
  • 7.0 Mineral Reserve Estimation – Brian Buss
  • 8.0 Disclosure Frameworks – James Whyte
  • 9.0 Valuing Exploration Properties – Lawrence Devon Smith
Led by these renowned industry experts, you will gain deep insights into the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the mining sector. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions, tackle complex challenges, and seize lucrative opportunities in your mining management career.

When does this course launch? This course will launch in Fall 2023. The deadline to register is September 6th, 2023. Register now!

What is the course delivery? Fully online and self-paced. Access to online modules for 10 months from start date.

How much does this course cost? $1356 CAD

What do recieve I after completion? You will recieve a Letter of Completion from University of Toronto, Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering.

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